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iOS Restrictions

Hello ALL:
I am trying to create a restrictions profile on IOS devices. These devices are supervised and enrolled. I would like the end user to be able to download apps from the app store using their own apple id and password but as soon as the iPad downloads this policy the iTunes and app store login credentials get greyed out. I am attaching the portion of the restrictions profile.

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SOLVED Posted: 10/11/17 at 5:30 PM by miregan

Make sure that under the applications tab in the restrictions profile that you have checked off the box that allows the use the iTunes store

SOLVED Posted: 10/12/17 at 7:18 AM by cpdecker

I believe the restriction you are looking for is:

Allow modifying account settings (supervised only)

This should be checked to allow users to log into a different account from Settings.

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SOLVED Posted: 10/12/17 at 11:22 AM by mohtashim.mobin

thanks all