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Clear passcode failing

I have a user who forgot their passcode on their iPhone. Normally no problem, send a clear passcode push and they are back in business. Well this time the clear passcode push fails and returns "Keychain reported error code -25308." All other pushes come back "Device was busy. Will try again." I have googled about that error and found absolutely nothing. Hopefully you all can help.

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SOLVED Posted: 11/13/17 at 12:18 PM by TechTroy

I am also having this issue on an iPad Pro 9.7" iOS 11.1 with JAMF Pro version 10.0.0.

SOLVED Posted: 12/11/17 at 7:48 PM by beedee

Same. iOS 11.0.1, iPad Air 2, JAMF Pro 10.0.0-t1508873342.

SOLVED Posted: 12/12/17 at 9:31 AM by michael.craig

same here. had to physically get the device back and wipe using iTunes.