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filevault_2_encryption_check Extension Attribute

Anyone else running Rich Trouton's Filevault 2 Encryption Check Extension attribute, along with workstations on High Sierra?

Looks like I'm seeing incorrect results with this. Looks like the conversion to AFPS may have messed with this. Just looking to verify that this is the case for more than my environment.

Haven't had a moment to look into this much more.


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SOLVED Posted: 10/12/17 at 2:16 PM by sdagley

@midnigh7 That script won't work on an APFS formatted volume

SOLVED Posted: 10/13/17 at 9:26 AM by bartlomiej.sojka

I've actually updated the code for APFS a month ago for my env. – still kinda WIP, but @midnigh7 question has finally made me upload it to Git. You can find it here. Note however, that I've heavily refactored it to my liking, so you'll either have to update your dependencies or modify results in your fork.