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iOS 11 configure control center

is it possible to configure the control center for ios 11 devices.
for example i want to show the timer, screenrecording options etc.

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SOLVED Posted: 10/13/17 at 7:18 AM by bvondeylen

I was about the post this when I found yours.

I also have this same question. Would be very helpful, especially in a lower elementary school setting where a teacher would struggle for awhile having kids change the settings.

I don't see anything in JAMF that would allow setting the Control Center so I am guessing it is not there, but wish it were.

SOLVED Posted: 10/16/17 at 11:10 AM by cnelson

I agree and would like to see if this is possible.

SOLVED Posted: 10/17/17 at 8:00 AM by cindy.murphy

I agree. Please let me know if this is possible. I'm unable to manually edit the control center on shared iPads.