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Links to DEP Zero Touch uFBI apps

I realize this is the SplashBuddy mini event discussion. But, I did tell the attendees I would share these links to all three uFBI titles and here they are. Some Assembly Required... Good Luck.
Download locations:

SplashBuddy - Francois Levaux-Tiffreau

DEP-Enrollment -
previously maintained by Gavin Pardoe

Progress Screen - Jason Tratta

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SOLVED Posted: by cubandave

Thanks @matthew.phillips !!

Also going to add the the link to the culture amp implementation for anyone wanting to use the SWEET index.html format he uses to make his welcome page.

Great work @smithjw !!!

SOLVED Posted: by grahamrpugh

And don’t forget Joel Rennich’s DEPNotify:

SOLVED Posted: by LovelessinSEA

Anyone know when Francois Levaux-Tiffreau is going to release the GUI for splash buddy configuration? He mentioned that it would be this week and i suspect it will be after Jamf v.10 is released.

SOLVED Posted: by georgecm12

1) Will any of the above appear over the top of the login screen? I'm intrigued with the idea of using one of these, but I would need it to run at the login screen, as we skip user creation and as many of the other Setup Assistant steps as possible.

2) I see DEP-Enrollment has some possible interactivity. Ideally, I'd like to have a solution that, in some way, allows for setting the computer name, as we would then use this for lab and classroom computers, which have a particular set of policies that run based on computer name. Is DEP-Enrollment my best bet in this case, or is there one or more of the above that will work (again, keeping in mind that this would all have to work above the login window).

SOLVED Posted: by rderewianko

Adding another one that is just on github.

SOLVED Posted: by scottlep

I am playing with a few of these. Does anyone, maybe [@grahamrpugh](link URL), have a sample depnotify.log they can share so I can look at how it is being used?


SOLVED Posted: by grahamrpugh

Sorry, I haven’t tried DEPNotify myself. The documentation at looks comprehensive. Perhaps @mactroll has examples?