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Apple TV App - Device type does not match app platform

I'm trying to deploy an app to our Apple TVs for the first time. I'm currently getting the error in Management: "Device type does not match app platform"

The app is SpeedTest by Ookla, on the VPP page it states, "Apple TV: YesDevice-Assignable"

I've ensured the regular steps were done on the App in the JSS, Set to Install Automatically, and set to use VPP codes.

Are only in-house apps supported in Apple TV deployment?

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SOLVED Posted: by jrepasky

It is my understanding for Apple TvOS (only) you will need the APK file or in-house app file and to do a New->local app (as opposed to VPP) in order to distribute. It doesn't work the same as iOS iPhone/iPad.

SOLVED Posted: by khurram

I think the app has to be compatible with tvOS platform. I am also trying an app "VLC for Mobile 3.1.2" to install on Apple TV but it is not working and JSS is showing message 'Device type does not match app platform'. Check here, it is mentioned that this app is compatible with Apple TV.

SOLVED Posted: by khurram

VLC for Mobile is shown as compatible on Apple Store.