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Jamf Pro 10.1 Beta Now Available!

Now that Jamf Pro 10 has been released, we are moving to more frequent and smaller releases to deliver value to you more often. Our next 10 series release will focus on fixing bugs, improving performance, and delivering enhancements to programs like Apple School Manager and the Volume Purchase Program.

In addition to those enhancements, Jamf Pro 10.1 will deliver conditional access for the Mac thanks to the Jamf and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) partnership. This automated compliance management solution will help you secure Mac devices accessing applications setup with Azure AD authentication.

Important Note: Conditional Access beta testing is currently limited to select Microsoft and Jamf customers due to additional setup requirements. General availability is expected with the release of Jamf Pro 10.1. Please reach out to Jamf and your Microsoft EMS representative if you have any questions.

If you would like to participate in the Jamf Pro beta program, please enroll at the beta homepage on Jamf Nation under My Assets. After enrollment, please reference our Release Notes (coming soon) for a complete listing of what is included in the beta build. Remember, this is a beta release. We do not condone installing beta software in a production environment.

The beta program is operated under non-disclosure, so please do not share any information regarding your testing in any public forum including the non-beta sections of Jamf Nation. Use the Jamf Nation Beta forums or contact Jamf with any questions regarding the beta.

Thank you to all those who participate in the program!

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SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

Ahh...been waiting for this minor update release. :)

SOLVED Posted: by luke.reagor

Hopefully this resolves the issues with the painfully slow web interface.

SOLVED Posted: by JPDyson

Release notes in 9.101 reference a new provisioning mechanism for High Sierra which is compliant with Apple's "No Imaging" stance. Are we likely to see that in the 10.1 beta?

SOLVED Posted: by scafide

@luke.reagor - We're taking a look into specific scenarios which can cause degradation. I took a peek and saw you had chatted with support on this topic.

@JPDyson - 10.0.0 contains support for all approved imaging types at this time. I took a look at the release notes and compared against what went into 10.0.0 and it covered nearly all imaging scenarios - can you help me out and let me know which scenario you're looking for?

SOLVED Posted: by irobinso

@scafide, I believe that @JPDyson is referring to this line in 9.101's release notes:

In a future release of the Casper Suite, Casper Imaging will support re-provisioning a macOS 10.13 computer with up-to-date firmware using an imaging workflow.

I haven't tried to image with 10.13 on version 10 yet, but I also didn't see anything about it in the release notes. I can verify that it didn't work with 9.101, even when the target computer had up-to-date firmware. If you can verify that this should be supported, I'll test again. We have several labs where DEP or another thin-provisioning option won't suffice, so this is a priority item for me.

EDIT: I have tested, and still haven't managed to re-provision a 10.13 computer.

SOLVED Posted: by Malcolm

Whats the likely hood that this is going to fix issues with deploying 10.13

AutoDMG deployment, cant be configured with an admin account

and cant capture 10.13.1 through composer

SOLVED Posted: by scafide

Hey @Malcolm, @irobinso, and @JPDyson,

Thanks for your patience while I looked into this. I cannot say too much as this is the public section of the forum and NDAs do apply.

I followed up with our PO for Imaging and all workflows should be covered by either work we've done in 10.0.0 or 10.1.0.

I highly encourage registering for the 10.1 beta if you are not already, and giving Imaging a test!

Thank you so much for the followup posts!