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Setting URL for NetSUS in Jamf as Update Server not working

I've finally figured out that the url being given to the clients for the update server is correct IF you remove the dang port number off the end, but JAMF enforces that field. What am I doing wrong?

Our Netsus is at
In JAMF I enter that address as an Update Server, but it requires a port in the next field, which I fill out (80).

The url in the plist on clients shows which is not browsable, but is (minus the port number)

Do I just need to forget the Software Update Servers settings in JAMF and push a script that does a defaults write with the url so the dang port doesn't get appended?

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SOLVED Posted: by JPDyson

We use a config profile to set SUS URLs, and that works well. Any reason this wouldn't be an option for you?

SOLVED Posted: by osxadmin

@JPDyson I just setup my NetSUS 4.2.1 for the first time, I think is working I'm able to see all updates about 423Gb on the ; could you share how do you have your configuration profile setup on your JSS? Thank you.

Never mind I was being impatient, I'm seeing the updates on my test machine.