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Software Distribution to Off network devices

I wanted to get some info on best practice and recommendations on how to do software distribution to machines off network. Would a Distribution point need to be setup in DMZ? Would a proxy server work to distribute software? Any information or documentation would be greatly appreciated.

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SOLVED Posted: by djdavetrouble

We have a web server with https set up for wan installs, it works quite well. You could of course do it any way you want as long as there is either a file share or web server available. If you are a box client, that is available as an option also.

SOLVED Posted: by Look

You can also use VPN in some manner so they can come back inside and use the normal servers, but unless it's automatic it requries the users to know how to do it.

SOLVED Posted: by reddrop

Simplest solution is to use a Cloud DP. We use Amazon for all of our off network machines.

Here is a great article on setting up a cloud based DP.