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How to package Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 14


I just wanted to share with the community that I found a straightforward method to create a Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) v. 14 package. For me, it was hard to find an article with instructions to accomplish this. I could not find anything here and this is why I am posting this. I hope that it is helpful.
1. If you are managing your SEP clients via a SEPM, export the most recent Mac version.
2. On a test Mac, extract the Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer file.
3. Double-click Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer to launch the application.
4. Click Continue in the warning message to acknowledge that a system restart is required after install.
5. In the menu, click Tools > Create remote deployment package. Type the desired name, select a folder where you want to save the file, and then click Save.
6. When the package creation completes successfully, click OK. The .PKG file will be at the previously specified location.
7. At this point, proceed to upload the new package to JAMF and create a policy to deploy it.

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SOLVED Posted: by rderewianko

It's also important to note, that the installer itself doesn't allow you to quit without rebooting using the above method to create the installer package so you'll have to force quit or just install/reboot.

SOLVED Posted: by cwaldrip

Anyone found a way to disable the quickmenu menubar icon? Doesn't look like it's possible in SEP14.


To quit the installer after you've made your pckage, click agree an install then cancel the admin credential prompt.

SOLVED Posted: by 25CW25

appreciate the write-up. I was not able to find any documentation on this as well until I stumble onto your post. Tried it and it works great.

SOLVED Posted: by hbrelsfordSCI

I came upon the same steps when i was trying to figure this out myself. however when I upload my package to JamF Now Plus, it says the app is not signed with a certificate and will not let me publish it.

There is a step missing?

SOLVED Posted: by hope.gibson

Thank you so much for posting this! I was able to get it to install the apps but not the server connections. This did the trick!

SOLVED Posted: by spalmer

To quit the installer application after creating your package just right-click the Dock icon and select Quit.

SOLVED Posted: by RaymoJamf

These steps worked flawlessly on a machine that didn't have a previous version of SEP running. When I apply run this pkg against a machine with a prev SEP version, I ended up with 2 SEP clients. 1 pointing to the old Symantec server, the new client pointing to the new Symantec server. Anyone else encounter this? Is there a script for uninstalling previous versions that I could leverage?