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NetSUS SSL query


I was hoping someone here could advise me with a NetSUS query?

I'm trying to generate a CSR to get our cert renewed. However, using the web interface it only generates a 2048-bit file, and we need a 4096-bit. I also noted that it only uses the servers CN as well, and given the recent changes to how Chrome is ceasing support of CN certs, I also need to add some SANs to the request, and I can't see a way to add them using the web interface.

Its the VM appliance version of NetSUS, running on Ubuntu 14.04. Is there a way this can be customised, or done via a command line to generate a CSR that meets our requirements?



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SOLVED Posted: 2/5/18 at 10:12 AM by Asnyder

@uoscasper You could look into using openssl

Another option would be cert bot. I believe with cert bot the cert only lasts 30 days but it can be set to auto-renew.