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Why is my VPP "Content not available to assign to mobile devices"?

Dear Experts,

I 'bought' some licenses of a free app via VPP. I made sure the app is 'device-assignable'. I added the app to the Mobile Device Apps, I have set it to 'Install automatically'. But in the VPP pane it always tells me "Content not available to assign to mobile devices".

I have made sure there is no user assignment for this app, 'Site' is set to 'None', so what else might make this content unavailable for device assignment?

I also tried to assign it to a device in scope, but the result is that the user is asked to sign in to iTunes for the installation - this is exactly what I want to avoid.

Any hints are welcome.

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SOLVED Posted: by Chotipradit

Hi mschroder,

Do you have your VPP account and token associated with your JAMF instance?

SOLVED Posted: by nvandam

Do you have more than one VPP account? I just did this today and couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing the licenses show up as assignable. "Bought" them on the wrong account...

SOLVED Posted: by mbracco

We see the same behaviour, but have only one VPP account. Not sure if the apps are device-assignable .... maybe only user-assignable ?
i asked support and wait for answer... in our case Microsoft Word, Excel, ....

SOLVED Posted: by mschroder

Thanks for all the feedback. We only use one VPP account, and it is associated to the JSS instance in question. I do see the correct number of licenses in the JSS. I just can not assign them to devices.

SOLVED Posted: by Macsburg

Make sure you VPP is not set to a site, this will cause any app that isn't assigned to that site to give this message.

SOLVED Posted: by jamesandre

I think the VPP and Apps need to match. If your VPP is set to a site, then set each App to the same site. If your VPP is not set to a site, then don't set your Apps to a site.

SOLVED Posted: by mschroder

The VPP is set to to site None, whereas the apps are all set to a site. I will need to do a bit more reading here. What is the recommendation: use one VPP and have all apps in site None (is that possible at all?), or use one VPP instance per site?

SOLVED Posted: by tommrkr

i had a brief freakout with a similar issue yesterday. As I was creating the Mobile Device App in JAMF, I'd click the VPP tab and get the same "Content not available to assign to mobile devices" error. However, when I saved the Mobile Device App, and re-opened it to edit, the VPP content info appeared.

So for me, the workflow become create app in jamf, save, then re-open to scope and add vpp content.

SOLVED Posted: by orlando.cantu

tommrkr, I shared the same experience. I almost feel as if I didn't give enough time for Apple to communicate with jamf.

SOLVED Posted: by mschroder

I am coming back to this old thread since I made a new observation today. I have been buying a bunch of more apps, and there where again two for which I could not do a device assignment, despite the fact the were marked as device assignable. And in fact these two apps where in a Site other than 'None'. Changing that back to 'None' made these two apps device assignable. But what is really strange is this: three of the five apps for which the assignment worked from the beginning are assigned to a 'Site' other than 'None'.

Conclusion: the behaviour is not consistent, some apps can be in a 'Site' and still be device assigned, others can not.

In any case toggling the 'Site' can change whether or not an app can be device assigned.

SOLVED Posted: by afej

Noticed the same here. My experience: The VPP account I have been using is also in ASM. Which it has always been without issue until today. However I noticed that I needed a "server token" shown at the bottom of the( Screen. I downloaded the server token and uploaded it in the JSS > Settings>Global Management> VPP Accounts> Server ASM account (no Apple ID). I then went to VPP Device assignment and was able to select the Server ASM account. Seems Apple is making changes with regards to ASM/JAMF integration and we are seeing the initial signs.