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students resetting ipads - can reset be restricted?

We have students resetting their iPads. Can they be restricted to not allow reset?

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SOLVED Posted: by bentoms

@robima3 are these DEP enrolled devices?

SOLVED Posted: by christina_luis

Good Morning! If your iPads are supervised the good news is Yes. You can remove reset all settings and content from the reset menu. We have done this in our school district to prevent students from wiping their iPads. You can use a configuration profile to do this, in the restrictions payload. I don't believe that they have to be in DEP in order to do this. You can use Apple Configurator to supervise them and add them into Jamf. DEP just makes life easy.

I hope this helps. Christina

SOLVED Posted: by thejenbot

Not allowing them to "Erase all Content and Settings" is possible, but not allowing Reset (as in Reset all Settings and Reset Network Settings) isn't an option. What Christina is referring to above sounds like the one that will return the device to factory settings (which is known as erase rather than reset in the restrictions payload); we also deploy this to make sure students aren't wiping devices only to later find out they're activation locked.

We use the reset options for troubleshooting at times, and if kids want to do that on their own, it's not going to mess anything up on our end, from a management standpoint. It's when they do the erase option that really hoses things, because the JSS has no idea that this has happened, and therefore will keep trying to reach out to the device with no success. With this restriction in place the only way to complete this is using the Erase Device management command.

Hope that helps to answer your question :)