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Apple Default Wallpapers


I've been experimenting with creating and pushing custom backgrounds specific to the departments where our iPads are distributed. I can set the wallpaper no problem via the device management. What I'm curious to learn is how to restore back to an apple default if we like?
Would it require removing the restrictions and manually setting the wallpaper? Or is there a way to add the apple builtins to the choices in JAMF pro?


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SOLVED Posted: by sichas

As far as I know, you'd have to change the wallpaper you're deploying to one of Apple's defaults - and by that I mean actually getting the file (search Google, people rip them out all the time) and deploying it like you're currently deploying your custom one. I'm not seeing an option in the JSS to use one of the built-in options unfortunately.

SOLVED Posted: by piagetblix

Yeah that's all I've found on it as well.