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Java support going forward

Oracle is now making major releases every six months. The current version (Java 10) is considered a short-term release whereas the next version release (Java 11) in September 2018 will be a long-term release. Long term releases get 3 year support (maybe longer) according to Oracle. The reason I bring this up is because I'm wondering what Jamf is going to support going forward and what their recommendations are going to be.

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SOLVED Posted: 4/19/18 at 4:10 PM by bpavlov

Just a small bump to see if someone from Jamf can respond.

SOLVED Posted: 4/20/18 at 12:54 PM by karld305


SOLVED Posted: 4/20/18 at 11:48 PM by howie_isaacks

I want to know how Jamf will respond too.