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Force Enable Google Chrome Automatic Updates

Hey All,

Trying to build 3 policies for our JSS regarding the google chrome browser but I'm having 0 luck!

1: I need to force chrome installs with the automatic updater installed to run

2: I need to be able to install the automatic updater on machines that do not have it installed or configured but DO have chrome

3: I need to install chrome and have its automatic updater configured on for new enrollments.

I've got the policies figured out and the extension attributes in place to identify the presence of the automatic updater, I just can't get the programs to install correctly! I've tried composer and while I can get chrome to install, its automatic updater breaks and fails everytime it tries to go download a new version. I'm pretty new to Jamf and for that matter, the mac platform as a whole and we're just feeling a little stuck. Any help would be appreciated,


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SOLVED Posted: by marklamont

article on google here explains it. not tried it yet but I am going to now I found it.

SOLVED Posted: by monaronyc

We can't get it to work either. Either the documentation is outdated, or something with the latest version(s) of Google Chrome changed.

SOLVED Posted: by ryan.ball

Download the following script:

After a installation in a policy run the above script.


SOLVED Posted: by pblake

@marklamont has the right link. The tricky part is some of the files and the permissions on them.

SOLVED Posted: by jaz

Would it be as simple as this?

chown -R $currentUser "/Applications/Google"
SOLVED Posted: by andymcp

I use a combination of the script above to first make sure the Chrome updater is working, then I force the Chrome updater to run using this script:

## Script name:
## Author:          Andy McPherson
## Last modified:   1/31/18

## Logged in user
loggedInUser=$( ls -l /dev/console | awk '{print $3}' )

echo "$loggedInUser"

sudo -u "$loggedInUser" /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/Resources/ -runMode oneshot -userInitiated YES 2> /dev/null

exit 0

I then added a "sleep 30" before running a recon which seems to give it enough time to actually run the updater and install the new version.

The best part is, this runs silently in the background! Technically the user probably needs to quit and relaunch Chrome to begin using the new version, but until then, it will show up as the latest version in Patch Reporting.