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Blocking TurboTax

We have a lot of end users that are installing TurboTax on their work machines. We wish to block this. I can create a Restriction Software Policy; however, there are different versions. I wish to block the process that runs but I cannot find what the process is called nor can I install the software to get the process. Does anyone have this info?


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SOLVED Posted: by marklamont

why can't you install it to check out what it does? installing and taking a composer monitor snapshot is very useful for working out what goes where.

and why do you have to stop them? is it legit software to help file tax returns or is it some malware. Where I work we allow users reasonable personal use and properly licensed software, on the proviso that we don't support it.

SOLVED Posted: by blackholemac

You could try blocking the process with a wildcard. I am doing the same currently for Install macOS* and can confirm it blocks that.

I can't help you block the installer easily as a user could just as easily rename the pkg file (I can't remember if TurboTax is an installer pkg or a drag n drop installer)

You could however block the process TurboTax* or whichever relevant process.