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Trying to distribute Symantec Endpoint Cloud using Jamf

Hey there,
I'm trying to set up Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud to distribute through Jamf and I'm wondering if anyone has gotten this working.
Symantec's instructions to do so are...incomplete?

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SOLVED Posted: by boanes

That one can be a bit confusing...

What you need to do is to launch the "Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer" package, accept the message that says that you need to restart after the installation has completed, click "Tools" from the menu bar and choose "Create Remote Deployment Package". Then give your package a name and save location, then hit "Save"...

Once you have that done, then it's normal deployment from there...

SOLVED Posted: by thomas-cedar

So the problem is that it creates two mpkg files, along with a requirements.plist and a fsdmanifest.js file. This is specifically for their cloud product, which seems to be slightly different than their normal SEP product. Previously I've always used either a pkg or dmg file to use

SOLVED Posted: by taugust04

I'm not familiar with this particular product, but in the past I've embedded packages inside of a package (using Composer to do this), along with config files that "manually" need to be installed to a particular location, then used post-install scripts to install the embedded packages.

SOLVED Posted: by anthonytji

im experiencing issues with this as well, those 2 files do not seem to work properly for remote installs

SOLVED Posted: by jstillio

Replace the sylink.xml file with your configuration.

  1. Double-click Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer to launch the application.
  2. Click Continue in the warning message to acknowledge that a system restart is required after install.
  3. In the menu, click Tools > Create remote deployment package. Type the desired name, select a folder where you want to save the file, and then click Save.
  4. When the package creation completes successfully, click OK. The .PKG file will be at the previously specified location.

Upload pkg to jamf admin.

SOLVED Posted: by anthonytji

thats for SEP14 we are on the SEPCLOUD version which is different and doesnt have that option anymore. thanks for taking a look though