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Sophos Antivirus and Sophos Endpoint Software Title split

Greetings Jamf Nation:

The Sophos Antivirus/Sophos Endpoint Software Title has been split and will no longer track both sets of software.

The existing Software Title has been renamed to Sophos Antivirus, the Extension Attribute will need to be accepted again. Sophos Endpoint is a new Software Title.

If you are unable to add Sophos Endpoint (The new title) try either accepting the new extension attribute within Sophos Antivirus or removing and adding the old Sophos Antivirus Software title again.

Contact Jamf Support if you need assistance:
+1 612-216-1296
+1 844-411-5263

Thank you!


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SOLVED Posted: by jrippy

@robinsonjo Thank you!

SOLVED Posted: by jrippy

@robinsonjo Now, one more request, when you go to add a new Patch Title, can you provide a toggle so you can hide items that all already configured and added to a Jamf Pro Server in your site?

SOLVED Posted: by robinsonjo

@jrippy - would you happen to be seeing two Sophos Endpoint Software Titles? If so, remove the first one and when you add it again it will read as Sophos Antivirus the way it should.

SOLVED Posted: by jrippy

@robinsonjo No, that is not what I was thinking/seeing. When I go to add the new (any new) Patch Reporting title, I see all the available titles. I understand you probably made this decision because you added the site capability, therefore there can be duplicate titles due to existing in different sites.
However, it makes it difficult to go through and find a new title. I don't know how other people do it but I go through and check it periodically to see if there's anything new and I run into this.
So, some toggle switch or some way to feature new additions would be a good idea, I think.