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Update iOS device missing from management

Maybe I'm missing something here, I was hoping someone could point this out if so. Say we have 10 iOS devices under management. I want to update 1 of the 10 devices. When I search for my device, and go to the Management tab, I have about a dozen actions in Management Commands. Update iOS is NOT on this list of actions.

This device shows up as 'supervised' in the MDM. This was enrolled via URL, it's not a DEP device. Is there something besides supervision that needs to happen before 'update iOS' shows up as an available action?

Thanks for the help!

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SOLVED Posted: by jamf_sam

The Update iOS command requires devices to be enrolled via DEP and not just Supervised. The documentation on this can be found here: The note at the bottom that says " Requires supervision and enrollment via PreStage enrollment" refers to DEP enrollment.

SOLVED Posted: by thegooch49

Awesome, thank you @jamf_sam

SOLVED Posted: by CairoJXP

Also, you won't find the update iOS command directly in the device profile at all. You can only do it by doing a search for the device, then using the "action" button in the lower right.

I made a feature request for exactly what you're describing though: