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VPP purchases showing in wrong VPP account

I added a new account in Apple School Manager. Call it Account 2. There was an existing account, Account 1.

Added Account 2 to VPP accounts in JAMF.

Logged into VPP online using Account 2, did the token transfer to the JAMF VPP Account 2 from VPP online. Purchased a free App.
In VPP online, the App is in the purchase history of Account 2.

In the JAMF Mobile Device Apps list, the VPP type field is blank.
In JAMF All VPP Content list, the App has Account 1 in the VPP Account field.
There are no Apps in the Content list of VPP Account 2.
If I edit the App and tick Assign VPP Content there is only the Account 1 in the drop down list.

What is going on?

Is this Apple or JAMF?

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