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Sophos 9.6.7 Managed by Enterprise Console Installation fails on High Sierra

Hi, I browsed through several forums before posting this. I created a dmg file that contains the Sophos & Sophos Installer Components folder.

My policy places the dmg at to /private/tmp/Sophos.
Then a script runs to install it:
/private/tmp/Sophos/Sophos\ --install

It would constantly fail on High Sierra. I came across the article regarding how Deploy Studio changes the permissions on the Library folder, so I fixed that by added a script to fix the permissions at the end of my workflow.

That works fine.

I also have a Configuration Profile which allows Sophos as an allowed Approved Kernel Extension.

Everything seemed fine until Sophos 9.6.7.

Now after all of that it fails with:
Error writing: (/usr/local/bin/SophosUpdate) "The file SophosUpdate couldnt be saved in the folder "bin"."

I even tried adding these lines to my install script:
sudo chmod a+x /private/tmp/Sophos/Sophos\
sudo chmod a+x /private/tmp/Sophos/Sophos\

which I saw in an article 120570 relating to Sophos Central.

Nothing seems to work. Should I pre-create the folder it is looking for? Has anyone else encountered this?



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SOLVED Posted: by asegura

@msnowdon I'm running into the same issue. If anybody has a fix would love to hear it.

SOLVED Posted: by msnowdon

Still having this issue. I even recreated the package but it always fails with: Error writing: (/usr/local/bin/SophosUpdate) "The file SophosUpdate couldnt be saved in the folder "bin"."


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