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Switching from an App Store app to an In-House

Morning Jamf Nation,

A developer has provided an app for our organisation that is an update from a current App Store version.

I'm looking to install the new version as an In-House app instead of the current VPP App Store deployment - is there a way of installing it as an update rather than a whole new app? Otherwise I'm going to lose all the configuration settings from the devices out in the field.


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SOLVED Posted: by SFsteven

Hey Rich,

We had the exact situation where we had to deploy a VPP app and the Business Unit wanted to switch to an In-House version. Unfortunately, we were not able to treat the swap as an upgrade. We ended up having to deploy the In-House app in Self Service and inform users to download the new version. After a month or so, we removed the VPP app. So for a brief time both versions existed (named differently) so that we could get users to voluntarily move to the In-House version, before we yanked the VPP version.

We too, wanted to avoid losing the app as the user would lose content that was saved on the app, but this was unavoidable.


SOLVED Posted: by rich.thomas

Hi Steven,

I though that might be the case, thanks for sharing your experience.