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Installing local admin PKG in Mojave via Installr

I've been successfully using Installr to prestage our Macs with High Sierra 10.13.6. It installs the OS, a local admin account (via a PKG I created with MacUserGenerator v0.2) and a few other distribution-style PKG's.

When I attempt this setup on Mojave 10.14.1 the installr process goes through fine as before, the Mac reboots and the login window shows the local admin login prompt as expected. However it will no longer recognize the password set on the create user PKG (or anything else I type). I've tried creating different variations of this PKG with both MacUserGenerator and pycreateuserpkg with no luck.

This is the pycreateuserpkg command I used for both Installr and Bootstrappr that worked like a charm with High Sierra:

/<path to>/pycreateuserpkg-master/createuserpkg --name=<administrator_goes_here> --uid=501 --fullname=<fullname_goes_here> --password=<password_goes_here> --shell=/bin/bash --admin --version=1.0 /<path_to>/Create_Admin.pkg

I've used variations of it (with or without gid and/or generateduid) but Mojave doesn't like those either. I've read similar reports from others here and elsewhere wondering if Mojave requires an account with a secureToken and other ideas thrown about but so far I've found no concrete answers. What am I missing?

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