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Keynote disappeared from all iPads and "Mobile Device Apps" in webui (VPP)

Hi there,

I work in a school with about 800 active iPads. A student approached me because his Keynote had disappeared from the iPad. Upon checking Mobile Device Apps it was completely gone. I re-added it and we were able to get it back on the iPad by scoping his device.

Does anyone know why this might have happened? Did Apple do something? Is it happening with anyone else? Students have lost 8 weeks plus of work and it's right before they're to be assessed so hoping it doesn't happen to other apps!

Running 10.6.2.


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SOLVED Posted: by summoner2100

If it’s gone from mobile device apps, I doubt it would be Apple unless it was also gone from the vpp section in settings. Does jamf logs tell you anything?

SOLVED Posted: by summoner2100

(And you can’t edit in jamf one iPhone app lol)

It should have only disabled the mobile device policy if it was gone from vpp though. Very weird

SOLVED Posted: by Sandy

Go to your Change Management logs and look for clues. this logs everything that is done by everyone in jamf pro.


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