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Restrict Browser Password Saving

Simply put we are looking for a way to disable the ability to save passwords in the major three browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome). Through all of our searching we're unable to find which preference files, or settings we can push out via Jamf to disable this. It seems the modern versions of the browsers make this complicated. Ideally if it was a package we could deploy via a policy that would be perfect, especially if the users themselves couldn't go and manually enabled this option later. Also if it was something we had to run say, once per day, we are probably open to doing that as well. Just seeing if anyone has any ideas or methods they are using.

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SOLVED Posted: by ShaunRMiller83

The way I've handled this in the past comes in a few diffrent forms.

For Safari:
On an admin system setup the Safari Prefs exactly how I wanted them to be. Then copy the com.Apple.Safari plist from (User Library Prefs) to my desktop. Open it in your favorite text editor and remove any settings you may not want or need. Lastly I would import that into a JAMF Config Profile as a custom setting. (Note: I believe in Mojave the Safari settings are now stored in a db file so this may only work in OSs below 10.14.x)

For Firefox:
Use the CCK2 extension, package up the resulting files using composer and deploy the package to a smart group for systems with Firefox installed

For Google Chrome:
Use Google Chrome Managed Prefrences which in turn would also become a a JAMF config profile.

SOLVED Posted: by wmayhone

Thanks a ton for the info @ShaunRMiller83 Chrome is now going to be locked down and we're working on the other two.

SOLVED Posted: by mberger

Whats the exact location of the " com.Apple.Safari " plist?