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User Interaction Custom Icon

We set up policy using the user interaction tool allowing the user to defer the policy. Is there a way we can brand the notification with our icon?

Is it possible to include weblinks in the notification as well?

I poked around Jamf and Jamf Nation and wasn't able to figure this out. Thanks,

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SOLVED Posted: by marklamont

nope, but feel free to upvote this and raise with your jamf buddy. I have because it's a poor implementation of branding that only one bit gets done.

SOLVED Posted: by aprild

I have upvoted the link but wanted to say that I would like the ability to use the icon associated with the policy for this pop-up. Thanks!

SOLVED Posted: by mickgrant

its not Jamf native yet but you should check out - Jamf-Interaction-Toolkit
it will automatically use your self service branding, you can also change it to something else manually