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Deploying Teacher Laptops soon, question about iCloud and Find My Mac

In the past (before we had JSS) we have 'touched' each macbook and set them up for the teachers, we log in with our admin account and configure things such as setting up iCloud and enabling Find My Mac under that account.

That way, if they lose it, we can find it again (obviously)

With JamfPro and the zero touch type of deployment, how are you handling FMM, we don't want to have to log into each of the computers and setup iCloud under the management account.


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SOLVED Posted: by Kristopher

There really is no such thing as 0 touch deployment with Jamf. You have to touch the machine in some form or another. Facing this situation myself. Typically we have users login themselves. I've been exploring managed Apple ID's however Apple in their infinite wisdom, have disabled Find My Mac for managed apple id's. So many people have raised a stink about it, that they are currently reviewing it to possible turn it on/make it available. They failed to realize that Jamf and most MDM's don't have lost mode support for Mac's. It's only for iOS.

The alternative is what you're doing.