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Deploying Deepfreeze in Mac 10.14 Mojave

Hi Ya'll,

I am in need to deploy Faronic's Deepfreeze application to our student labs that run 10.14. I used the Snapshot future on Composer. When I get the policy to deploy and I try to open up the application of ‘Communication error - unable to communicate with DeepFreeze Damon’. But with the completed snapshot I do see that the Deepfreeze Damon is in the library. .

What I do:

  1. Build this package on a VM
  2. Downloaded the dmg from Faronics on a different laptop
  3. Select APFS dmg and move that DMG to the VM
  4. Take first snapshot on Composer
  5. Start DMG install
  6. Once that is complete check to see if Faronics is in my application folder
  7. Open up Deepfreeze application configure thawspace and password enable.
  8. Close Deepfreeze and reopen to see if all my configurations were saved.
  9. Take the second snapshot and save as DeepFreeze.pkg
  10. Drag to JamfAdmin
  11. Created a policy that contains DeepFreeze.pkg
  12. Deployed to test Mac Mini on 10.14 and get Communication Error stated above.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? If so what was your solution. OR Has ANYONE been able to successfully deploy Deepfreeze? If so please share!

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SOLVED Posted: by sharriston

I had heard that they currently don't have a working version for Mojave. I know they had trouble with AFPS. Article. In this statement they recommend removing deep freeze before upgrading because of issues related to AFPS.

SOLVED Posted: by rhoward

@sharriston they actually just updated with AFPS support recently:

As for packaging this, in the past they have an application that you use to create the packages to deploy. I think you should start there as composer not worked in the past for this.

SOLVED Posted: by Clarizza.Arucan1

@rhoward I was aware of the previous application that was part of the installer for HFS, but unfortunately, the new APFS installer doesn't include the 'Create an installation package option'.

SOLVED Posted: by haggan


So, i hope I'm not missing anything here, but why don't you just use the built in pkg-installer that they provide?

I know that there is not much documentation to DeepFreeze with APFS support, but this is what I'm going to do:

  1. Use JAMF to distribute the pkg
  2. Use binary to create settings, such as serialize: /usr/local/bin/deepfreeze license --set [serial number]
  3. Freeze: /usr/local/bin/deepfreeze freeze --volume [volume name}

As you can see if you call binary, you can also set password, uninstall, set thawspace and more. What does not seem to be included as of now is the scheduling part, but you can easily let JAMF do that for you by simply script it to unfreeze.

Freeze on!

SOLVED Posted: by djtaylor


How are you scheduling the thaw, updates, re-freeze process. How does machine know when to freeze or is it just on a time period. Is the time to run built into the script or set via JSS?


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