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Find License count and Number of Devices with it in the scope in one command

I'm looking for a way to find out how many licenses I need for apps without having to note which smart groups are assigned to every single app. Ideally it would be a query (API or SQL, doesn't matter) to find an App Name and its license count, as well as the number of devices it is scoped to.

In my mind it seems like such a simple thing, but I don't quite have the knowledge of what each table lists or even which is the correct table to pull that information from in the database.

Does anyone have a script or query that they use themselves to pull this information?

Any help is appreciated!

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SOLVED Posted: by thejenbot

I just do this by going to Devices/Search VPP Content and do a blank search.

SOLVED Posted: by vasani

@Caleb.Anderson Like @thejenbot said, a blank search under "Search VPP Content" will give you what you are looking for. Any specific reason you want to get this using API? It is possible, just not sure if it is something you really want.

SOLVED Posted: by Caleb.Anderson

Thanks for your replies, but it doesn't show how many devices are scoped in the app, which is what we really need so we can compare the license count to how many devices actually need it. That only shows how many licenses we have, and how many are remaining which doesn't help if we have it scoped out to 5 smart groups but there are only enough licenses for say, 4.5 of those groups.

If the 'remaining licenses' count was able to show negative numbers, we'd know how many we were missing but at the moment I have to go into every app to see who it is scoped to, then figure out how many devices are in those groups, and THEN subtract that number from total licenses.

So basically what I'm asking for is a way to see an actual number of the total devices requiring the app alongside the total licenses number, not just how many licenses we have and how many are left (because 0 left only tells me I need more and not how many).

SOLVED Posted: by christina_luis

I use a couple different methods for this. I use departments to scope apps (or static / smart groups). So I have a report (search) in search VPP area - it shows me any app that is less that 5 available. If I am seeing on an iPad that apps are not installing I look here first, then run a search for the departments that are scoped out for that app to see if I am short and need more licences. There are also automatic reports that you can request to be sent to you everyday through the DEP portion in the system settings.

Also when your in the VPP search you can click on the in use (its a link) and it will show you the devices that have that app on it. (Be aware that this list may be huge depending on the amount of iPads scoped out).

I hope this helps.


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