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Show Off Your Setup/Reset!

Last year I got to be part of the Jamf Setup/Reset app launch. Besides the added functionality for our use cases, I've been looking forward to hearing how everyone else is using them. Here is our Setup app as configured for to set the wipe flags for Jamf's Health Care Listener:

And here is how we have our Reset App set up:

A feature we would love to see added is the ability to have the Extension Attribute set by Setup removed on a device wipe.

What are the use-cases you are using Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset for? I'd love to see how you are using them. What do your apps look like?

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SOLVED Posted: by jamf_sam

Here are some recent examples from our Jamf Setup & Reset for EDU Webinar (which you can watch here)

K-12 Checkout Cart Example:

New Student Orientation:

SOLVED Posted: by EduTech

Hello this is the first I am seeing of this can you elaborate on how it works or the use case?

SOLVED Posted: by asegura

@EduTech Here are more details

SOLVED Posted: by danny.porter

@EduTech Thank you for asking. We hosted a webinar about Jamf Setup and Reset for Edu last week, and you can find the recording here: We also just posted a blog about it which you can find here:

We will also be hosting another Webinar about Jamf Setup and Reset on Wednesday, March 20. Please feel free to join us to hear how Jamf Setup and Reset are being used in the enterprise:

I hope this helps.