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How do I update Mac App Store apps deployed via Jamf?

If I install a mac app store app on any of our Macos devices through Jamf (either self service or auto-install by scope) that app will never update.

Jamf will show me the current version in the mac app store app list, but it won't update any of my machines.

Unfortunately I noticed this about a year after using this to push out several apps, so it looks like all of them are stuck on early 2018 versions.

I successfully updated my computer by removing myself from the scope, manually deleting files from my laptop, re-adding myself to the scope, and having it reinstall. I imagine I have forgotten to check a box somewhere.

Here are some common settings for the apps:
- Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check iTunes for app updates
- Automatically Force App Updates
- VPP > Assign VPP Content

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SOLVED Posted: by Rikky

This is a good question, I've just asked JAMF support!

SOLVED Posted: by mjames

I have the same issue.

SOLVED Posted: by 5kinner

I had this also, after a bit of searching I had to enable this

I would have thought the individual settings in the Mac App Store section would have over-ridden this but evidently not. I did a force update from the global setting which I saw an update go through on my machine. I will monitor to see what happens when new updates come in.