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Upload Size Limit for a Package for Cloud JSS?

I have an Adobe Creative Cloud package that is 21Gb (I know it's massive). Pre-Jamf, I was able to use ARD to install the package to target machines about 85% of the time. I wanted to see if Jamf was more reliable but have had no success in getting the package in our Cloud JSS instance using both a web browser and Jamf Admin. Anyone else have this problem or know of upload limits?

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SOLVED Posted: by landon_Starr

I've had this issue with the Mojave installer, which is just over 6GB. Same as you, I had no success with either method, so now I'm having to implement a work-around solution which is less than ideal.

SOLVED Posted: by mm2270

I thought the file size limit was 5 GBs, but I'm not sure where I recall seeing that. Maybe in some of the documentation.

SOLVED Posted: by diradmin

@joethedsa This has been a limitation since the inception of Jamf Cloud. Recommended workarounds have included utilizing curl for the file upload:

SOLVED Posted: by adminNWA

I have had no problem uploading Adobe DMGs that I create to JAMF and then deploying them. However, I break each Adobe product out into a separate DMG installer. It takes longer to create the individual DMGs but then, once I have them, it gives me the flexibility to create single product installs if a staff member only wants Photoshop for example.

SOLVED Posted: by mm2270

+1 to what @adminNWA says. It would be best to break those up into smaller installs if possible. Since Jamf Pro works differently from ARD, you don't need to contain everything into one huge package to limit the amount of times you are dragging in files for pushes. You can add all those individual smaller ones into one policy if needed. I can't imagine it's really ever a good idea to try to push a 21 GB package over the network. There are too many opportunities for failure that way.

Outside of that, 2 other options are to do what @stephen.perry-GS mentioned and try using the API example on those threads to upload it (but you're still going to be pushing a very large pkg install in one shot to clients, which doesn't seem like a great idea), or, you can set up a local HTTP or even SMB distribution point on your network and use that as your Master instead of the cloud instance. A local DP isn't going to have the same upload limitations. You will still be faced with the situation above - pushing a large installer over the network to clients, which could fail.

SOLVED Posted: by joethedsa

Adobe is changing the way they will do device licenses very soon so I suspect the way we've been doing it here will inevitably have to change. The multiple DMG's strategy is an interesting thought. I wonder if there is a way to get the most up to date DMG for each product by using the curl command to the Adobe site. Anyone have any experience doing that?

SOLVED Posted: by chrisejbich_ws

@landon_Starr I have also run into this issue today.

We attempted to "curl" the package, as a work-around but it appears to still keep error-ing out upon upload.

Curious, have you found a workaround to get macOS mojave to upload to your Jamf Cloud yet?