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Bitdefender Jamf Push "Full Disk Access Required"

Hi we are trying to get Bit Defender Endpoint Security to push from Jamf,

We've enabled the Kernal's for Bitdefender, but still once it is installed it advises "full disk access required"

Does anyone have any ideas?

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SOLVED Posted: by j_allenbrand

Thanks for this, my issue now is getting the bin location to show up,

/usr/bin/log show --predicate 'subsystem == "com.bitdefender.EndpointSecurityforMac"' | grep Prompting

I've tried to enable Kernal extensions for with automatic approval also and that did not work.

SOLVED Posted: by j_allenbrand

Also tried using Privacy Preferences Policy Control,

I got the identifier but not sure what to put as code requirement

SOLVED Posted: by martenblank

I am too searching for the answer to this!
We have BitDefender antivirus for Mac and I don't get the "Full disk access" panel to be pre-populated with "BDLDaemon" and "Endpoint Security for Mac". Anyone have more input on this?

SOLVED Posted: by Eric84

We had a piece of software that was also told to be given "Full disk access" but I found that enabling Accessibility and All Files also sufficed. Might be worth a shot with BitDefender.


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