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Self Service app reports "Unable to connect to server"

I purchased 1,000 VPP licenses for the Jamf Self Service app (ver 10.8.0) using Apple School Manager. On my JSS Pro, in Mobile Device Apps I accepted the defaults and scoped it to my iPhone. I left "App Configuration" at the default (blank).

After a few minutes the app appears on my phone. The first time I open the app I get a "first use" popup, but then I get a message "Unable to connect to server".

Using Safari on the phone I can reach the JSS server's enrollment page.

My first thought is that the Self Service app can't reach the server because the server's address hasn't been configured into it. Is this what the "App Configuration" tab is for?

My second thought is that in /JSS/SETTINGS/SELF SERVICE/iOS, under the GENERAL tab, the "Install Automatically" dropdown is currently set to "Neither". Should this be set to "Self Service app"? Does this push out the Self Service app? I haven't experimented with it because there's no scoping option available and I don't want to push out the Self Service app to every iOS device without testing it first.

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SOLVED Posted: by Krbonus

You're correct, "App configuration" is basically how you map your JSS server.

It also should be set as "Neither", if you pick install automatically Self serv will be deployed to the user not on the device. You basically just have to scope out self service just like how you usually do for deployment.

SOLVED Posted: by jared_f

These two links might be helpful: