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Has anyone repackaged Cisco Webex Meetings for silent install?

There are two issues with the Cisco Webex Meetings installer that make it unsuitable for silent install:

1) It launches the app in the next to last line of the postflight script
2) The postflight script contains a call to the binary PTInstall (embedded in ./PTInstall/Contents/MacOS/ which will prompt the user to quit the Microsoft Outlook or iCal (not Calendar) apps if they're running.

If I comment out item #1 and repack the installer it works, but if I disable the call to PTInstall then the installer reports an error validating files. Before I go down the rabbit hole further I thought I'd ask if anyone has gone through this exercise before can can share their experience.

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SOLVED Posted: by paulnz

Would like to know this too, Webex Meeting silent install options only appear to extend to Windows installs.

SOLVED Posted: by sdagley

@paulnz FYI my org ended up abandoning the silent install route for Cisco Webex Meetings. We just make it available for install via Self Service.