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Deploying solstice

Has anybody tried deploying solstice? I've tried the Autopkgr deployments and copying the app from a working machine into composer and every time I deploy to another machine, the icon has a line through it saying it's "Not supported on this type of Mac"

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SOLVED Posted: by pitcherj

I get the same behavior via autopkg and composer.

Thought it may have been our antivirus messing with it (either in packaging or deployment) but even without it in the picture the issue persists.

SOLVED Posted: by jwojda

I reached out to Mersive today and they provided me a direct download link to the current client version which worked. I went back and asked for a more general link to download for future versions but I haven't heard back yet. Also, don't mention jamf/mdm deployments.

SOLVED Posted: by hdsreid

You have to modify permissions in my experience. Use the stub installer to download the full .app, put it in a custom package to install in /Applications/ and have the post install script do a chown to current user and run a chmod -R 755 on it to be safe. This will at least allow any user to read/launch the app, which I have found to be the issue in the past when packaging for deployment. I am not worried too much about the permissions in my environment, as we have one user per computer, and everyone is authorized to use solstice within our environment. don't NEED the solstice app in my experience, you can just airplay to connect to the solstice hub...