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Palo Alto TRAPS Smart Computer Group creation

I discovered after installing TRAPS on my mac that a .plist called com.paloaltonetworks.traps-agent was installed. I was hoping I could look for this plist to see if TRAPS was installed, but cannot find an obvious filter to look for it.

Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks.

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SOLVED Posted: by hjcao

I use this to find the Traps version, and also, to find out if traps is installed. Then just create a smart group that looks for the EA.


# Extension Attribute to send Palo Alto Networks Traps version number to JAMF

version=$(cat "/Library/Application Support/PaloAltoNetworks/Traps/version.txt" | tail -1)

echo "<result>$version</result>"
SOLVED Posted: by fsteffy


SOLVED Posted: by mwong

New to this.. please help..

i have created the EA showed as above but when setting up the Criteria, what do i need to put in for "operator" and Value.

my Goal is to display the version of Traps installed and also system that's missing Traps.

thanks in advance