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User Changing Domains

We have a user who's AD account is currently in a different domain that we need to migrate to our domain. The Mac she is on is bound to our domain already so it would just be the user that is changing. What is the easiest way to do that or will the Mac even care since the username is not changing just the domain? I know in windows you have to login as user with the new domain at the beginning for instance instead of kr\ change it to us\ and it creates the new user profile then you need to transfer the users folder but never had to do this with a Mac before.

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SOLVED Posted: by mhegge

Same issue here. We are going through a domain change and I want to be able to do so seamlessly for my handful of Mac users. MacMule has a script but I believe it needs updating or has more than I need to accomplish changes.

Manual efforts have proven troublesome.