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Jamf Connect Login user "Domain\Username"

With Jamf Connect Login, using ADFS native app, users are created using the following convention: "domain\username", does anyone know of a way to get this to just "Username"?

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SOLVED Posted: by mlawniczak

I'm sorry, i'm not sure I understand the question. Are you saying that the local users account name is actually set to domain\username? We are using Jamf Connect with Azure and when the local account is created on the MAC it is the same thing we have in Azure for the username, there is no domain added.

SOLVED Posted: by friveraLC

@mlawniczak Thanks for the reply. We were using Azure, but were recomended to start using an ADFS native app for several reasons. With this new native ADFS app, users log in with just "username", but when the user folder is created, it gets "Domain\Username". This causes apps like MS Word to fail because they dont know how to escape the character.

SOLVED Posted: by alfredhart

@friveraLC We are having the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?

SOLVED Posted: by whitebeer

I wrote a FR to customize the way the name is build: