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packaging Xcode simulators

Has anyone got a quick method to package Xcode simulators... I relied on a script by erikng ( which worked fine for quite a while but lately it is failing with an error

(Downloading to index-8.3.2-DFFB3951-EB0A-4C09-9DAC-5F2D28CC839C.dvtdownloadableindex...
Error reading /var/folders/b9/gl4l6xv15vjdly5hmzpwb7jm0000gn/T/tmpGaWXTT/index-8.3.2-DFFB3951-EB0A-4C09-9DAC-5F2D28CC839C.dvtdownloadableindex: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 9)

I am assuming something has changed probably the downloads link... any other way to package the simulators will be great...

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