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Applications trying to add new helper tools?

Hi all,

After upgrading several of our Macs from older versions of the OS, we have started getting pop-up dialogs asking users to provide admin credentials to add helper tools for various apps (Skype, Brave Browser, Spotify, etc). Most users just click Cancel to dismiss the boxes but I'm concerned we're not staying updated. Also it's pretty annoying.

Google led me down a rabbit hole with Skype that didn't fix the problem, and this seems to be happening to several applications. Has anyone seen these pop-ups and if so, what's the fix?


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SOLVED Posted: by Cayde-6

I don't think there is a fix tbh, these are prompts to update the software.

You could look at using Autopkg to update these apps automatically perhaps.

SOLVED Posted: by strayer

We have a group of Non-Admins who constantly have this issue with slack. We make the newest version available in self service but every-time there is an update we get a slew of questions from users who have this prompt.