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The network connection was interrupted while downloading the package from https:...

I have this issue that I cannot seem to get a handle on. I have had at least 3 support requests with JAMF on this issue over the last year or two. They don't seem to have an answer. I have also scoured jamfnation for others with this issue.

1. During a policy running, i sometimes get an error "The network connection was interrupted while downloading the package from https://<Path to package> Attempting to reconnect..."

  1. This is followed by another attempt, or two, or six.

  2. Finally Error: Deploy VMware Fusion(11.1.0) is not available on the HTTP server.

I get this error on both my Master (internal NAS) and a Cloud Distro point. (see attachment)
I am on jamfPro 10.13 running on Windows Server 2012. The Cloud is Amazon S3

This does not happen:
- Consistently by client OS
- Consistently by package
- by distro point
- Packages are small, medium and large. (3M --> 2.5G)

Sometimes they work (on some clients) other times they fail. Same policy, same scope same OS, same type of computer.
The packages are there on the distro. I have verified on both distro points, by jamf Admin and logging into S3.
Packages have been rebuilt. no difference.

The last support ticket ended with the suggestion that I turn off Package validation. It seemed to stop... but now it is back.
Network guys say that they see no additional interaction with the client computer after the initial fail.
In order to get an accurate policy start time and end time i have added a PrePolicy and Post Policy script. (see #4 for the result of the Pre script)

I am about to open another service request but wanted to throw this out to the 'nation to see if anyone else has this problem.

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SOLVED Posted: by mschroder

I usually see this when the certificate that jamf uses to authenticate/authorize the Mac is not in the keychain any more. Result: the storage server refuses the connection.

Easiest solution is to re-enroll the Mac in question.

I don't know why jamf comes up with such a useless error message, after all it knows what is wrong, so it should provide a proper error message!