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Xink install/configure using Jamf

My company is rolling out an email signature application called Xink to all users. Has anyone had any success with this product or have any tips on its rollout? Xink Support sent me to this link for instructions but unfortunately the (very complicated) script they say works with other customers does not work with our hybrid Exchange/O365 environment.

I can use the "defaults" commands to manually update the .plist file for the app but running the same commands in a Jamf script using Self Service doesn't seem to work. I will admit that I'm just barely more than a novice when it comes to setting up scripts from scratch. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out existing ones and modifying them.

Below is my existing script. Perhaps someone can show me where I'm going wrong? I'm sure I'm missing something simple. - Chad


defaults write com.emailsignature.Xink isUsingICloudDrive -int 1
defaults write com.emailsignature.Xink updateSignaturesForMai -int 0
defaults write com.emailsignature.Xink updateSignaturesForOutlook -int 1

# using the Jamf variable for currently logged-in user, append email domain
defaults write com.emailsignature.Xink userName -string "$"
defaults write com.emailsignature.Xink domainToken -string "[domain token]"

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