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Do Mac App Store apps deploy late in the process + GarageBand loops?

Greetings all,

We have a pretty good build process for our labs going with Jamf at this point, but I have one odd thing happening, and I think it might be a timing issue (of course, it is always possible that it is a "Bruce does not understand what is going on" issue). As part of the lab build policy, I have it installing the appleloops package along with a bunch of our other stuff. Our Apple SE recommended this to me as the best way to take care of the really, REALLY annoying situation with GarageBand and the Essential Sounds loops. Then at the end, I have it run a script that just does:

/usr/local/bin/appleloops -a garageband -l INFO --deployment --mandatory

Unfortunately, that didn't work. When I launched GarageBand, it still came up with the prompt about downloading the loops. So, being in an experimental mood, I just fired that command off from the Terminal on my test machine. That worked just fine, no prompt after that. During this process, I noticed that if I log in immediately after the build is done (we reboot the system and set the LoginwindowText at the end so that we know it is done), it looks like the Apple Mac App Store apps are still being downloaded and installed. Is the installation of the Essential Sounds not working because GarageBand isn't there yet? Do Mac App Store apps load late in the overall process?

Can someone help me achieve wisdom here? I would like this to be all one integrated build if possible, rather than having to have a separate manual policy to add the loops sometime after the build is finished.

Thank you for any thoughts.

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