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Leveraging Tanium to push JAMF


Mac and jamf newb here...I have been tasked with creating an install package in Tanium to push JAMF to any and all Macs that don't have it.

The problem I have is that Tanium requires a terminal command line or switch to install which I can't find anywhere or any where that I have searched. I've asked the JAMF admin at the office...but no response.

So, is there a terminal command line switch I can run to a silent install, etc.?

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SOLVED Posted: by jwojda

When you say push jamf, are you referring to enrolling a device into jamf or install a package?

SOLVED Posted: by alexjdale

The terminal command to install a QuickAdd pkg would be the "installer" command. It's weird that Tanium would require that, does it copy the pkg file somewhere and it just sits there until you run a command to install it?