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Self-Service Problem for one Account on one Mac

we are having an interesting case where it is not possible to log on to Self-Service from one account on one Mac. When someone is logged in to that account, it does not matter which account is used to log in to the Self-Service, we get a message 'Can not connect to the Jamf Pro server' and the red 'Reconnect' button. The menu item 'View / Reload Self-Service' is greyed out. 'Reconnect' does not help at all.

When another account is used on the same Mac logging in to the Self-Service works fine.

I already removed '~/Library/Caches/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac/' for the account in question, but this does not help.

To me this looks like some corrupted cache or preferences, but I have no more idea where I need to clean-up. Removing the framework and re-enrolling the Mac will most likely cure this, but I think this is overkill and I really would prefer just to remove the offending settings or cache.

Any hint where to look?

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