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OSX Configuration Profiles Opt-In Message

Do we have any way to stop this message from popping up? I don't want users to determine whether they opt-in or not.

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SOLVED Posted: by ryan.yohnk

Hi Matt,

For the most part OS X config profiles should be transparent to the end user. Do you happen to have a screenshot of the behavior you are seeing? Are you seeing this while deploying profiles through the JSS via the OS X Configuration Profiles section? And is this with all config profiles or just some that you are seeing a dialog be presented to the users?


SOLVED Posted: by Matt

It happens at the Loginwindow. It sends a message asking to enroll or not enroll.

SOLVED Posted: by quedayone

I am getting it as well. It looks like this:

external image link

I am seeing this while deploying profiles through the JSS via the OS X Configuration Profiles section. I only have one Profile. Tested only on one computer so far.

SOLVED Posted: by AdamH

I'm seeing this behavior as well. But it only shows up for people who are local admins. But I would really love to remove this message!

SOLVED Posted: by gregneagle

In classic MCX, this is a setting in the "" domain:

"AdminMayDisableMCX" -- if set to false, admin users cannot elect to disable management at login.

I'd imagine you can set this with profiles as well.

SOLVED Posted: by tkimpton

Or just don't give users admin rights :)

SOLVED Posted: by lance.ogletree

If you are receiving the message about disabling management when logging in,
check your Configuration Profiles . The Login Window payload has this option
under the Options tab. See if it's checked off.
You may also want to check if it's configured under Managed Preferences as well.