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Systematically creating 250+ Apple ID at a time for an organization

I am looking for any insight or "war stories" you may have relating to establishing hundreds of Apple ID for company iOS devices rather than having end users enter this information.

I'm looking for any automation or ways that accounts from LDAP could be exported and perhaps sent to Apple in one pass to establish Apple ID for our devices. Are there any other ideas that have been tried, or should I get ready to try scripting curl or spending time in Safari entering captchas and giving my form filling tools a workout?

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SOLVED Posted: 2/23/12 at 10:04 PM by rickgmac

Get a work experience kid in to do it.

We have had to do this on many occasions for school deployments. First thing you will need to do is contact apple and get them to white list you external IP and email domain as once you get to about 10 account creations their fraud protection kicks in and you have to wait around 3 days to be able to create more accounts.
We have asked apple in the past if there is a way to mass produce iTunes accounts and they always say no.

We always recommend users create their own account, however in schools and wanting to get it set up with out a linked credit card. the only way we have found is get a work experience kid or junior to sit on iTunes and purchase a free app such as remote and create a new account and link to a email address. And then do over and over again. You can create the account on the device and purchase a free app on a IOS device and get the same result if you don't want to link a credit card to it.

Also one last thing is if you create a Apple ID from the website. the user will still need to authorise iTunes and link it to a credit card. Unless you do the iTunes free purchase option

SOLVED Posted: 2/24/12 at 7:21 AM by ericbenfer

Not the exact answer you are looking for, but this may help somewhat.

Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card.

SOLVED Posted: 2/27/12 at 6:36 AM by thom

Eric's link is good.

Our procedure:

  1. Contact Apple to have our anti-fraud clearance reupped (this lasts for thirty day stretches).
  2. Create email accounts.
  3. Create iTunes accounts with a "free" account (No credit card attached, purposed for VPP).
  4. Verify iTunes account.
  5. Rinse, wash repeat.

    I've setup hundreds accounts and this is the best I've been able to come up with -- and each and every time, I think, "This really should be done by a temp/intern...".

It's painful and if you are setting up lots of accounts -- you really need to contact Apple to make sure they don't flag you as a potential enemy.

SOLVED Posted: 2/27/12 at 11:57 AM by b_mike

Thank you all so much for the advice. I will reach out to Apple to pre-alert them for clearance. Establishing groups of ID in this size seem hit or miss, but it's never wrong to ask.

The Enterprise iOS site documents a script to automate iTunes by having it read a spreadsheet with the information needed to create Apple ID.

Since the code is provided, you can run it if you have clearance from the velocity checks or throttle it and distribute the work over time and additional machines if not.

Thanks to everyone with the tips \- they were invaluable for several deployments this spring. I didn't even think to remind people that you don't need a billing contact \- so having that linked here is great as well.

SOLVED Posted: 3/8/14 at 11:59 PM by casperhukanui

Hi, I am just wondering for those that did this can you use the same email address to create 300 Apple IDs & what name do you put the account under as all staff members eventually leave?

SOLVED Posted: 3/25/14 at 4:48 PM by Chris.abi-najm

I tried this. Make sure you're using iTunes 10.7 otherwise it will not work. I could get it to step through the creation of the user ids, but it wouldn't commit the changes on the finishing page.

SOLVED Posted: 3/8/15 at 4:42 PM by mahdisnz

how can i put my IP address in whitelist?

SOLVED Posted: 3/8/15 at 5:49 PM by RobertHammen

You have to have your Apple rep request this internally at Apple, I believe. Don't think you can call AppleCare...

SOLVED Posted: 7/22/15 at 12:51 PM by RWitt

We are looking at doing this to provide ID's for our students using our domain. Does the enterprise script create free ID's or do they require a credit card?

SOLVED Posted: 7/22/15 at 1:44 PM by davidacland

It uses iTunes to create a free account.

SOLVED Posted: 10/3/15 at 7:17 PM by LaithQ11

hay . i want to to create 500 apple ids but have a Problem

my Problem in this photo

SOLVED Posted: 10/19/15 at 1:46 PM by b_mike

Also - I wanted to chime in that this is no longer the way to go. Use DEP, VPP, work with Apple and JAMF to avoid bulk creating AppleID. It was a necessary evil to get some projects going, but the trade off to sacrificing the concept of "user self-sufficiency" has made this a net bad move in almost all cases I've seen in the last three years.

If you find yourself thinking about doing this amount of work - revisit the core vision of what "success" looks like to your users. Enable and support them to own their own accounts - achieve scale and speed elsewhere in the process by leveraging self-service, API, scripting, training to provide long lasting benefit to your user-base and not by taking on this "account nanny" task.

SOLVED Posted: 10/19/15 at 2:34 PM by EightQuarterBit

Speaking as the guy who wrote the script linked by bmike, as well as a later second version, I can confirm that you want to avoid the scenario where IT handles account creation. With device-based VPP app push there's very little reason to bulk create Apple IDs at this point, and scripting Apple ID creation is way too much of a headache.

The anti-automation elements Apple has put into place makes bulk creation highly unreliable, even when you get the velocity limits lifted. In the process of creating those scripts I managed to get my Mac's serial number blacklisted (which is a strike I'll take with a small degree of pride ;). It's a good thing, really. Outside of enterprise and education there are exceptionally few legitimate reasons to automate the creation of Apple IDs, and plenty of illegitimate ones. Even if you do manage to put something together it will kill you with upkeep. The sign-up process changes more than you think.

When I first started scripting the process I would always say that I'd drop the scripts and never look back the moment Apple came up with an official solution to the bulk-creation problem. Apple, in classic style, came at the problem upsidedown and sideways by making the need for IDs mostly moot. Never before have I been so happy to have so much work rendered useless. Take it from the guy who knows: automating Apple ID creation is to be avoided at all costs.