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#JNUC Keynote Feedback

Hey guys,

Thanks for the warm kick off this morning, it was awesome to feel so welcome by everyone!

We covered a few big themes this morning: The Power of And; the Intersection of Apple and Enterprise, and Going Global. Zach did a demo of version 9.0, and it would be great to hear your thoughts on what was shown today. I am sure you have some thoughts, and I am hoping to kick off the listening!



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SOLVED Posted: by PeterG

Great news this morning. JAMF growing as a company. 30 or so developers on staff. v9.0 around the corner. 100 enhancements. Free beer!

Being able to meet key JAMF employees is one of the ways that JAMF is so accessible. This allows you to really listen to your customers.


SOLVED Posted: by Gerard.Allen

It's rare that a small company get recognised for the hard work it does. Great to see all the hard work paying off. Striving to Be the best in the business always reaps rewards.
Really looking forward to the new JSS interface and all the possibilities that Sites will bring!
Keep up the great work.

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

Very rare a company produces such a great product where features are implemented based on need and not marketing, fosters such a great casual/professional culture and provides a healty balance of geek goodness and Bacon. :)

SOLVED Posted: by jhbush1973

I just wish you had the beta of CS 9 available today. I'll be clearing lab space for it as soon as you make it available to test. Hopefully it will ship early 2013.

SOLVED Posted: by russell.kennyOLD

Will there be videos or the keynote available to download for us poor overseas guys?

SOLVED Posted: by mscottblake

The Keynote was great, and it was amazing to see so many changes to the JSS. I'm extremely happy to see responsive design concepts used in it.

During the demo, Zach changed sites of one of the policies. I noticed it was a dropdown select. Is it going to be possible to make policies site agnostic as well as have some that are site specific? It would be great to be able to set a policy to sites A and B, but not C.

SOLVED Posted: by bill


Videos of many of the sessions (including this keynote) will be available within a few weeks.

In the interim, we have posted a brief summary of some of the topics covered in the Casper Suite 9.0 preview. You can find the summary (and a glimpse of the dashboard Zach debuted) on our digital newsroom:

We will be sharing additional information in the newsroom as the JNUC progresses, so please check back regularly.

SOLVED Posted: by mahughe

Keynote was great, this being my first jnuc. Can't wait to see 9.0 out and using it's leverage...but one the things that stuck out most to me is what you said about being an employer who recognized they made mistakes and had the courage to correct them...most employers would have said screw don't like it, move one...jamf employees are lucky to have an employer of vision and is willing to say we were wrong and act on it...which is what makes the jamf culture thrive as it does w/ it's internal customers and it's external customers...

SOLVED Posted: by ssimon

It's funny, I sat through the keynote, and heard how the new version of your software would adopt responsive web design practices, embrace the cloud, and add meaningful dashboards. That part of the message wasn't unique. I've heard it from other vendors who seem on top of their game. But what was more important for me is that JAMF clearly knows who they are, and what they are trying to do. Not with specific technology or features, but rather a sense of vision and purpose. I admire that you are willing to admit to mistakes, and make changes. Some other vendors I've worked with just make excuses, and try to pass blame around. That's how they become former vendors. Amazingly software is only part of the process, there needs to be an amazing company behind it. I appreciate that you took some to let us get to know the real JAMF.

SOLVED Posted: by rob.potvin

Awesome guys, so excited... Where is the beta link? Need to sign up!

SOLVED Posted: by mscheffler

Yay for news on distribution points in CS 9!

SOLVED Posted: by damienbarrett

Yay! Got a new Mac mini in today exclusively for beta-testing Casper 9. Any idea when it'll be available for download? Thanks!

SOLVED Posted: by b_mike

I came back too to see if / how I might get on the list to try a beta of the new CSS. I've a spare machine and some time to help kick tires, learn and explore.

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

We've got a LAB environment, always ready to jump on the new stuff for testing. For version 9 Beta we can always spin up a VM to kick it around the block.

SOLVED Posted: by DVG

I don't know if "Freaking Awesome" is appropriate, but it seems fitting. Thanks to all the kind folks at JAMF and all who are a part of JAMF Nation...your work is much appreciated.

SOLVED Posted: by Cem

can't wait to test drive the v9...

SOLVED Posted: by clifhirtle

Is there an official release date?

SOLVED Posted: by jason.prairie

Video from the JNUC Keynote available online now at

Check it out if you missed it!